About Us

We are polish company which produce cosmetics products. Our activity have started in 1989 on Polish territory. Nowadays we are working with companies both in Poland and throughout Europe. Our experience we turn to the quality of our services, which undoubtedly is the most important for us. With the course of time and the development of the market, we decided to implement modern production technologies that provide the highest quality of the expected product. We have appropriate machines to enable the production of perfume and cosmetic products at the highest level, from the design to obtain ready to sell the product. Still we want to expand our offer and cooperate with new customers. Our products have been reported to the Central Registry Cosmetics. We have all the necessary certificates confirming the safety and quality of our products. As one of the few companies in Poland we enable to create an Own Brand Perfume (Private Label).

Our specialization:

  • Perfumes,
  • Perfumed waters,
  • Toilet waters,
  • Colognes,
  • Aftershave
  • Poured perfumes,
  • Fragrance diffusers,
  • Air fresheners,
  • Disinfectants,
  • Test products,
  • Promotional products,
  • Gift products,
  • Other perfumery products,
  • Packaging of cosmetic products,
  • Foiling of cosmetic products,
  • Pad printing services.

We invite you to check our offer.