Own Perfume Brand

Modern cosmetics market is growing at a dynamic pace. Among the large number of products sold in both traditional and electronic way there will always be room for new, fresh and innovative products offered under the brand new, original brand.

Our company allows you to create your own brand perfume (private label). We work with our customers at every stage of the production process. We help to identify the current trends in the cosmetics market, choose the right fragrance, design the overall shape, appearance and packaging of the product, and choose the right accessories. We provide comprehensive implementation of projects selected by the customer – we deliver the finished product to sell.
Below infographic showing the individual components of the product:

1. Perfumes (smell, concentration, color) – in our offer we have an unlimited choice of fragrances. We cooperate with the French manufacturer of fragrance compositions, which produces compositions for many famous brands. In addition to choosing the right fragrance, you can decide what concentration and what color they have perfume.

2. Bottle – we cooperate with two large glass factories that offer a huge selection of bottles for cosmetic products. In this matter, you can decide both the shape and capacity of the bottle (the most common sizes are 50ml and 55ml). Of course, the bottle must be matched to the rest of the product – cardboard, ring, cap and atomizer. The offer also includes the so-called “little perfumes” – oblong, small bottles with a capacity of 20 ml and 33 ml, as well as larger bottles intended for fragrance diffusers and air fresheners.

3. Imprint – there is a possibility of overprint (execution technique pad) in place on the bottle of perfume. Such printing may represent eg. Your company logo, the name of the perfume, the name of the collection capacity of the perfume or other information. We have the appropriate technology to fit the right size and color printing.

4. Sticker – most manufacturers decided to place a small sticker on the bottom of the bottle, which may contain a variety of information such as – the name of the perfume, the name of the collection capacity of the perfume, the perfume, the name and address of the manufacturer or other selected facts. Of course, the sticker must be properly matched to the bottle.

5. Atomizer – in the case of an atomizer, you can choose the right color, tint, and even opacity. Atomizer must be suitable to the bottle, the ring and the cap. For most products on the market, the color atomizer is the same as the color of the ring.

6. Ring – a decoration, which is assumed to atomizer to properly hide the terminal connecting with the atomizer bottle and attractive appearance of the product. Generally, the color of the ring is the same as the atomizer. The ring must be properly matched to the cap in such a way that effectively merged provision of a single set.

7. Cap – one of the most important elements of the appearance of the entire product. Using socket client “opens and closes” the product so it is important that the cap is properly matched to the rest of the product – the ring, bottles, cardboard. We cooperate with many companies providing a variety of cosmetic packaging and decorations so you have a huge choice as to color, shape, additional decorations (eg. Metallization) cap with the ring.

8. Carton – the outer packaging of the product into which a bottle of perfume. The carton is usually a cardboard insert that allows stabilization of the bottle with perfume during transport. For most customers, this is the package is a key component of the product, which makes the purchase. Our company works with a large printing company, which deals with the complex production of packaging for cosmetics. We are able to offer you full freedom to choose the package – you can choose the shape and color of the carton, and put on it your logo, graphics, descriptions and other information. Preliminary packaging designs we ourselves, and the whole is approved by a graphic artist working in a print shop. Of course, a box (package product) must be adapted to the bottle with perfume.

9. Foiling – most available on the market of cosmetic products has foiled original packaging. We have two machines foliującymi that enable wrapped in foil packaging of perfume without any damage to the product. When you do this, the product is completely ready for sale. We also work with a company that provides packaging for a variety of products – including cosmetics and we are able to provide adequate and safe packing of bulk quantities of perfume ready to both local and international transport.

If you have any projects, ideas or you just want to create a completely new and own product – please contact us. We are open to cooperation with new customers and we will certainly help in creating a new, innovative product under your brand. Together with our clients, we have implemented numerous projects of our own brand of perfumes, aroma diffusers, air fresheners and other cosmetic products. We will certainly help you plan, implement and produce your project.